What we want is to break the isolation, empower you with the tools you need, and create a safe space where you can be who you are, unapologetically.

Hi hi!

We’re Jade and Liyo, the (proud) founders of Neuroqueeriosity.

Our main motivation to start this website was born out of a deep need for a better and easier existence as neurodivergent queers in a society that (honestly always) fails to accommodate and understand us.

We’re sick of it, you know?

Throughout our lives, we’ve had to face the so-called “mental health professionals” being the worst type of invalidating people, the frustration of misdiagnoses (got diagnosed bipolar when really you just have ADHD and autism? same) and the ineffective neurotypical advice that just does not work for us.

In the end, we were left feeling super isolated, and without the resources or support network we needed.

While formal education didn’t align with our journey (does it even align with anyone…?), our extensive life experiences have been our greatest (and worst) teacher. We have explored SO MANY avenues of self-help, read A TON of books, and experimented with a ton of solutions. No, we’re not doctors, psychologists or therapists.

But as many of you may know, there’s no better teacher than, well, trauma. This means we have a personal and in-depth understanding of neurodivergence and queerness. Especially when it comes to being the best of both worlds.

We’re driven by a desire to not only create a better life for ourselves because we didn’t have much of that growing up but to share that journey with others.Together, let’s rewrite the narrative, challenge ridiculous societal norms that honestly have no point in existing, and pave the way for a more understanding and accepting world.

You’re not alone on this path—welcome to the Neuroqueeriosity community!